Quzhou cross regional service to help enterprises settle down

HCFA R & D personnel move to new R & D Center

Recently, more than 100 R & D personnel of Zhejiang HCFA Technology Co., Ltd. moved into the new R & D center of Quzhou Haichuang Park, Hangzhou future science and technology city. In the spacious office, Wang Xiangbin, general manager of HCFA science and technology, said happily: "scientific research talents are the most core elements of technology-based enterprises. If the office problems of the R & D team are solved, we can do R & D at ease“

Since this year, HCFA's scientific and technological development situation is very good

HCFA technology is a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise with production base in Quzhou and R & D team in Hangzhou. In the industrial robot control industry, HCFA technology has won the international brand and realized the domestic substitution. Since the beginning of this year, the development trend of HCFA technology is very good, but the number of R & D personnel has increased from dozens to hundreds. The space of the original R & D center has been seriously insufficient, and the lease contract will expire in July this year. The R & D building to be built by the company will not be put into use until 2022, so the site transition has become an urgent problem to be solved.


At the beginning of this year, the joint enterprise service group led by the head of the Organization Department of Quzhou municipal Party committee went into the HCFA technology door-to-door service. Wang Xiangbin made a list of problems and hoped that the joint enterprise service group could help enterprises contact Quzhou Haichuang Park and coordinate 1500 square meters of space for R & D office. The joint enterprise service group made clear the person in charge of the project on the spot, and inverted the schedule according to the lease term of HCFA technology "enclave".

The joint enterprise service group finally formed a specific plan

According to the needs of the enterprises, the joint enterprise service group has contacted Quzhou SASAC and Quzhou Haichuang park for more than ten times, repeatedly coordinated and communicated, and finally formed a specific plan.

HCFA technology successfully settled in Quzhou Haichuang Park

The joint enterprise service group learned that at that time, buildings 1 and 2 of Haichuang Park in Quzhou were being recovered one after another, but many enterprises that did not meet the requirements of entering the park had not yet moved out, and the available space was not large. The joint enterprise service group continued to follow up the liquidation of Quzhou Haichuang park. The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Quzhou City carried out ideological work on the dismissed enterprises one by one. Finally, more than 1300 square meters of office space was integrated, and HCFA technology entered successfully.

With the new R & D base, we have strengthened the confidence of enterprise development. In June this year, HCFA technology submitted the listing materials of science and technology innovation board to Shanghai Stock Exchange, and applied for IPO as soon as possible.

Reporter: Shao Qian

Editor in charge: Yu Jinye

Source: Zhejiang Online - Zhejiang Daily